Av. Revolución 1090 Sur Col. Contry, Monterrey, N.L., México

Tel. (81) 1100-2130

Who We Are

Colegio Nexus is a co-educational, bilingual, school founded in 2007.  We offer a challenging learning environment with high expectations to work toward goals with the help of a system that allows us to teach children with different learning styles.

Our program offers an academic curriculum in which our students are immersed 80% of their day working in English.  Beginning in Grade 7, French is introduced as a third language.

The school methodology promotes learning and the development of our students’ abilities from Nursery School to 9th grade using high technology, facilitating social, physical and emotional growth.

Besides our physical education curriculum, Nexus offers extracurricular activities focusing on both athletic and fine arts, which integrate and promote the all-around development of the child. 


Provide our students a versatile education with excellence, in an environment where values become the center of their actions while developing autonomous, committed human beings that are capable of facing challenges, and are also aware of the needs of the surrounding community, so they can make innovations.


Colegio Nexus is known for its use of high technology in the learning process.  We focus in achieving high standards and developing social, physical, and emotional skills.


  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • Punctuality

Student Profile

Colegio Nexus students develop a true love for learning, a respect for themselves and their those around them, as well as a disposition to reach their goals and share their dreams. Our students find creative and peaceful ways of problem solving and perseverance in order to reach excellence.